By: Blonde Two

Blonde One has already introduced you to our new DofE leader. He is a lovely chap, of a most patient nature, and was very helpful on our recent Gold DofE expedition (he even cooks!) Let’s call him ‘Climb’ because that is what he likes doing best.

On day one of the expedition, ‘Climb’ very kindly offered to drive B1, our fab assessor and I around for the day. This meant that B1 got a break from squeezing a big minibus down little lanes, and it was great for all of us.

Were it not for his level of patience however, this experience might not have been so great for ‘Climb’. We are all lovely and sometimes well-behaved ladies but we do all love to navigate. Can you imagine it, one bloke and three navigating ladies, each with a map and each giving slightly different instructions? Enough to try even the smoothest of patience!

Car Map2

Afterwards I wondered if this should become a Blonde initiation test. ‘Climb’ would have passed with flying colours of course, how would you have got on?