By: Blonde Two

I have been doing a lot of writing recently, which means that I have also been doing a lot of word counting.  Apparently, when you write lots of words, you are supposed to count them all.  Given the issues that Blondes have with numbers, it is just as well that the computer knows how to do this for me.

It is gratifying when the words build up and run into thousands, but yesterday I had to make a piece of work shorter.

I was writing a Blonde Bimble for a local newspaper, and had been given a word number limit.  This proved quite tricky to manage.  The first Bimble that I tried was too long; and I had to leave the readers stranded and wet in the middle of a ford.  The second attempt was the right sort of length; but when I read it through, I discovered that the readers were in the middle of their most boring walk ever.  I think that my third effort has worked out.  It is still a bit long, but nobody is stranded and I don’t think that anyone is bored.

Hard work this writing thing!

181 Words