By: Blonde One

Since Blonde Two has been practicing for her WGL the Two Blondes have been out on the moors a lot more than usual. Completing her award has made me wonder if we will still ‘get out there’ as much as before! I found a little survey on t’internet that gives some stats as to how often the general outdoorsy person gets out and about. It made interesting reading, (I’m not sure of the validity of the survey by the way!).

Apparently only 4% gets out every day. I thought that was actually quite a lot since I don’t know anyone lucky enough to walk every day!

20% walk less than once a month. I bet these people are frustrated!

42% walk once or twice a month. I guess that’s about how often the Two Blondes get out between the months of July and December.

21% walk once a week. That’s quite a lot, I thought. I also think that the Two Blondes will be part of this statistic between January and June, luckily for us (but unluckily for our other halves)!

(The rest of the walkers were a bit vague and their walking habits varied.)

I thought that the Two Blondes should try to conduct their own survey to see how often our readers ‘get out there’.

The band ‘Elbow’ (funny name, but real) who performed at the Olympics closing ceremony suggested that we should: “Throw your curtains wide, one day like this a year will see you right.” I don’t think once a year will do for me though!