By: Blonde One

This year – 2017 – is going to be Blonde! We can feel it. Amongst all of our other exciting ventures and adventures we are determined that we are going to finish a book that has been in the planning stages for ages. Probably the only way to make this happen, we decided, is to book some time away from normality and devote our entire attentions to it. So, we decided we needed a writing retreat. This was our list of requirements for our writing retreat…

Someone to cook for us and look after us.

A cosy fire.

Comfy beds.

Deep cushioned chairs in a peaceful lounge.

A supply of good red wine for the evening.

An abundance of coffee for the daytime.

A location on Dartmoor, but close to home.

A view that would inspire us.

A spa, just in case we need extra relaxation.

Friendly staff.

Deliciously tasty food.

You might think that this list is too long and that it would be impossible to meet all of our requirements; we very quickly realised that we had been listing all of the qualities of the Ilsington Country House Hotel at Haytor. So we are booked in, ready to at least make some good progress with the book. Watch this space!

Did you know that the Ilsington House Country Hotel also has a fabulous luxury spa? You can find out what happened when we Blondes visited here: