By: Blonde Two

Comment March 2021: Campfire cooking is (quite rightly) a popular occupation but it’s important to be aware of the environment before you decide to cook. There are certain areas of the UK (including most National Parks and Forestry Commission land) where we are asked not to have a campfire or cook on a barbecue because it risks long term damage to the surrounding nature. The good news is that there are plenty of official campsites that now encourage campfire cooking.

Camp cooking memories

When I was 11 a friend and I (even then I operated best as a two) went on an independent Guide camp. It probably wasn’t called that but we had to run the whole of our little camp ourselves including pitching the tent, making ‘gadgets’ from wood, collecting wood, starting a fire and keeping ourselves warm. It was a great opportunity and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There are two things I remember clearly about this Guide camp. The first was that my Granny was one of the people coming round to inspect what we were all up to (I seem to remember she liked my gadget) and the second was that I burnt the sausages.

How to cook campfire sausages

Sausages, as it turns out, are not really the easiest thing to cook over a camp fire. They are far too prone to quick outside and slow inside cooking. Bacon is far friendlier.

Campfire meals

Mr B2 and I had a chance to relive some of my open fire cooking experiences a few weeks ago when we visited the most excellent National Trust Peppercombe Bothy in North Devon. Luckily I had remembered my most excellent Zebra billy can and a scourer to scrub it with afterwards!

We cooked steak and tomatoes (with whisky until we ran out – school girl error!)

We cooked noodles with foraged wild garlic (Bear Grylls would be jealous)

We cooked marshmallows (which takes more skill than you might imagine)

We cooked date and almond bannock bread (thanks to instruction from our son Six-Foot-Blonde aka Hammocker)

Baked potatoes on a campfire

And we cooked these (apparently potatoes don’t need the whole hour and a half in an open fire, even with tin foil!)