By: Blonde Two

Blonde One and I have yet to complete our mission of several years – to try out all of the different, available makes of bacon-flavoured snack and report back to you. You might be wondering why we are so interested in these stripy, salty, corn (I think corn) rectangles, if you are then your really haven’t been paying attention over the past five years because I have told you about the Full Blondish Camp Breakfast before. Frazzles (or their cheaper and more plentiful alternatives) make a great (well, okay) alternative to bacon for anyone who really doesn’t want the hassle of dealing with a dirty frying pan before setting off on the day’s walk.

Image Ju Lewis

Our last trip out (to a Welsh bothy with our good friend and fellow DofE leader Julia Lewis) included a Sunday breakfast, and everybody knows that it is the law to have bacon and eggs on a Sunday. So we did, boiled eggs, Frazzles and six floury baps! Salty snacks are not always to be recommended for walking food, although a bit of salt and lots of water can help with cramp. However, if you do ever pack crisps etc for camp, you will know that the bags are annoyingly full of air and take up twice as much room in your rucksack as they have a right to. We, of course because we are girls, have solved this ballooning problem. Here are our ?? steps to happy Frazzle packing!

  1. Buy the cheapest bacon snacks you can find with the brightest pink packaging.
  2. Stick a hole in said bright pink packaging with a pocket knife or your teeth (you could just open the packet a bit but holes, knives and teeth are more satisfying).
  3. Squeeze all of the air out of the bag trying not to inhale the bacon aroma (in case you are tempted then and there to eat the snacks).
  4. Seal the hole with some brown packing tape (or pink duct tape if the ‘look’ of a snack is as important to you as the taste).
  5. Pack in a dry bag ready for your delicious Sunday breakfast.

You might think that eggs would be more difficult to pack than Frazzles, that wasn’t my job so I don’t know, I understand it is amazing what you can do with a banana holder!