By: Blonde Two

So here we Blondes are; we looked closely at maps, chose our National Park, drove our journey, pitched our tent, and slept soundly here in the Peak District.

We camping somewhere in the (so far) very lovely Edale, so if you spot us do say ‘hello’.

As this is our first visit to the Peaks (is that as wrong as saying ‘the Brecons’?) we thought that we would ask those of you with more experience than us, for walk and sightseeing recommendations. There is Kinder Scout of course, that is going to be a bit of a pilgrimage for both of us, and is top of the Blonde list (not so much a mass trespass but maybe a Blonde one); but where else shouldn’t we miss? Do tell; we can’t promise to walk everywhere, but we really will try our hardest!

Image Simon Harrod