By: Blonde Two

Walking with teenagers has many things that occur over and over again. It seems that tying laces is one of those commonalities. Every year, and almost every walk, teenagers have trouble tying their laces and keeping them tied. I wanted to send them a link for an instructional video to help them but I couldn’t find one. What’s the solution to this problem, I asked myself? Make a video myself of course. With the help of my very able assistant, Blonde Two, I set about making the videos you see here. The first one teaches how to tie a ‘surgeon’s knot’. This knot should be tied at the top of the cross over bit of the laces that are inside normal lace eyelets. It can help the lace between it and the toe stay at the tension that you set it as without too much slipping. After the surgeon’s knot the laces can be hooked around the quick-tie hooks at a different tension if desired. Both Blonde Two and I like our feet to have quite a bit of room around the toes but want our boots quite secure around the ankle. This system of lacing makes sure that the laces give two different tensions to fit this desire.

The best thing to do with this knowledge is give it a try on a decent length walk. Only when walking for an hour or two will you know if the system is right for you.