By: Blonde Two

I am sure there wasn’t a person left in the country who hadn’t read dire warnings about burning eyeballs and melting retinas, for anyone who dared to look into Friday’s eclipse. I am not poo-pooing the medical advice, it is true, looking at the sun does hurt and does leave strange spots in your vision; but for once, Not-at-all-Blonde and I had not prepared ourselves, and had to make do with sun glasses and Buffs when the sun broke through its cloud cover. We were quite proud of our inventiveness, see what you think. (I have to say that trying to take a selfie through layer of cloth and tinted lens, is tricky and very giggle inducing!)

B2 and NAAB Eclipse

There was a blacksmith on our hill (obviously!) who was much better prepared than us. He had brought his welding mask with him, and was kind enough to let us have a look through it as the sun eased its way back out from behind the moon. Thanks Mr Blacksmith!

Welding Mask Eclipse