By: Blonde Two

You might be surprised by how many women tell us that they have never had an outdoor wee and ask us ‘how do I wee outdoors?’ type questions. The answers to this question are easy enough, find a bush, remove as little clothing as possible, crouch down and… well wee! There are, of course a few womanly tips about outdoor wees that we are more than happy to pass on…

  • Take your head torch with you for night time outdoor wees but don’t forget to turn it off during the event itself
  • Leave a light on in your tent at night so that you can find it afterwards (or wee right next to it)
  • Take your rucksack off first if you think you are going to struggle to stand up afterwards (me these days)
  • Try the semi-stand wee, which is far easier with a branch or railing to hang on to
  • Decide for yourself whether you want to wipe or shake (wiping is better if you are doing multi-day camps) but take all of your loo roll home with you
  • Ask a friend to keep watch if you are worried about being seen
  • Find loos next to rocks or strong branches if you have balance issues
  • Try not to splash but if you do, find a windy spot in which to stand and the evidence will soon go away
  • Remember that people are likely to turn politely and face the other way once they realise what you are doing

My sisters (whom I can always rely on for sage advice) recently helped me out a bit with my ‘crouching with arthritis’ wee knee problem. Sister 4 loaned me her She Wee for a trial during a recent bivvy.

It is true that only a sister would consider sharing such an item… but I have to confess to being too worried about mess to try it.

Sister 3 went a step further, did a bit of home wee-cycling and made us both She Wee type devices out of old milk containers. I haven’t tried this one yet either but I think it is more of a collecting and tipping device!

Sisters… you have to love them! Apparently, the shower is the place to try these things out…