By: Blonde One

The Hunters’ Stone sits on the road up to the Avon Dam and is fairly easily overlooked I suppose. Blonde Two and I have walked past it several times without noticing it! I is worth a little look though. It has on it carved the names of several of the Masters of Dartmoor Foxhounds. Whether you agree with foxhunting or not, and I don’t propose to have this debate here, this stone is a part of Dartmoor’s rich and varied history.

The stone has been here since 1948 and the most recent inscription dates from 1983. The stone carries names on most of its faces, although some of them are obscured my lichen.

If you’re just after a really short and easy walk out from the car then this could be an option worth taking. Parking at Shipley Bridge is free (at the moment) although you are invited to make a donation. Head north up the tarmac road to find the stone, see the splendid River Avon in all its glory and finish at the Avon Dam Reservoir.

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