By: Blonde Two

You have to love a bit of Latin, the perfect chance to show off.  Sadly most of mine is related to plant names and hence pretty tricky to drop into everyday conversation. My sister was testing me on plant names a couple of weekends ago and I managed to commit the two bluebell ones to memory.  Hyacinthoides hispanica is easy to remember as it is the larger rampaging Iberian branch of the bluebell family which came to our shores to rape and pillage the innocent Hyacinthoides (high-a-sinth-oy-dees) non-scripta and confuse its gene pool.  Non-scripta is less easy to remember because it doesn’t appear to make any sense (a bit like Blondes).

Bluebells Hollwell LawnAnyway, as you can see, the Two Blondes went on their annual Dartmoor bluebell discovery mission to Holwell Lawn on Monday and were not at all disappointed.  The Bells of Blue (like the Belles of Blonde) are looking fine and dandy and seem to get better every year.  They also smell heavenly.  It is interesting to see them all ranged out across the open ground as we usually associate them with woodland.  I found myself wondering whether the presence of bluebells at Holwell lawn goes back to a time when the lawn was a forest (much of Dartmoor was) but my searches have found more evidence of dancing pixies than woodland.

Here is a little bit more Latin for you, “verba volent, scripta manent”.  I think it refers to blog writing!