By: Blonde One


Sir Hugo Munro decided in 1891 to write a list of all of the mountains over 3000ft in Scotland. These are known as Munros and there are 282 of them. I had never climbed one before (mainly because I’ve never been to Scotland before!) until now. I am very proud to be able to say ‘I am a Munroist’.

Along with 2 friends, Big D and The Welshman, we climbed up Beinn a Chochuill. It stands at 980 meters and it was majestically covered in snow. It was tough going (not least because I’d only got 2 hours sleep) and it took a while, but my goodness it was worth it.


The view across the valleys and mountains to Ben Nevis was amazing, even though the very top of Ben Nevis was covered in cloud.

It’s a full time hobby ‘bagging’ Munros so I don’t think I’ll be joining in any time soon but I do hope to be able to bag a few more. I think a Two Blondes Munro expedition is in order!