By: Blonde One




There are many beautiful things on Dartmoor, both on the ground and in trees. The Two Blondes have told you often how amazing the landscape is and tried hard to persuade you to go and see for yourself, but I have been compelled to write this post about a very ugly side to Dartmoor. I can hear the many sharp intakes of breath as you are so shocked to hear that I find anything unpleasant about my favourite place. But unfortunately it is a fact that Dartmoor isn’t perfect … yet. Recently (probably because of the nicer weather) there seems to have been an increase in the number of disgusting plastic bags filled with dog poo, both on the ground and in the trees. Why do people think this is ok? The Two Blondes have had friends notice this and ask us to blog about it in an effort to stop it. I’m assuming the culprits get out of their cars with good intentions of clearing up after their pooch, only to find that there is no bin provided in the free car park in the freely accessible National Park. Presumably they then don’t want a bag of poo in their cars so think it’s better to leave behind.

Who do they think is going to clear it up? Do they not realise the damage it could cause to the wildlife? Do they not understand that other people don’t want to see it?

I just don’t understand!