By: Blonde Two

This weekend, Mr Blonde Two and I have travelled to Up-North. We, along with a homemade (not by us) canoe, a slug called Sheridan and a spider called Tarquin, took a long time to get here but are having a great time with Six-Foot-Blonde. (Who knew that one day kids could grow up and invite you to their own house!)

I would like to report that Sheridan sadly met his end on the M5 when he made the mistake of prematurely exiting the canoe onto the truck windscreen; it was raining at the time – say no more! Tarquin, however, not only survived the journey, he has now also withstood a dunking in the Rochdale Canal.Canoe TodThe homemade canoe also now has a name. Evie proved a bit on the wobbly side and Mr B2’s trip in her was a short one. Six-Foot does canoeing for a living and managed to persuade Evie to do a lap or two of the area without tipping him out into the mirk.6 Foot Canoe 3Evie has a story: Made in the Lake District from two pieces of plywood, she eventually found her way (with help from Six-Foot) to Devon for a bit of TLC and a joining together. We then had a complete but unvarnished canoe adorning our garden for about six years. She has now made her way back to Up-North and had a worthy christening yesterday afternoon.6 Foot Canoe 2Because she didn’t sink him, Six-Foot has promised Evie a few coats of varnish and a home with him. I hope that Tarquin survives the varnish and quickly picks up the necessary Yorkshire/Lancashire accents.