By: Blonde One

Copyright Ordnance Survey

A new area has been explored lately by the Two Blondes And we discovered lots of lovely interesting things. Our recent stay in Brockenhurst for the Ordnance Survey get together of #GetOutside Champions included a morning’s walk in a small section of the New Forest. Although we didn’t need to, we couldn’t resist keeping an eye on our own map and were fascinated to discover multiple ‘inclosures’. We had no idea why they were inclosures rather than enclosures.

A quick internet search informed me that the forest was originally used for producing wood for the Royal Navy and the process of enclosing (note: not inclosing) common land for this purpose dates back as far as 1698. The trees were originally beech and oak although conifer is more common now.

What I couldn’t find was why inclosure. So I can only assume that it’s a regional variation in dialect … unless you know different!