By: Blonde Two

Blonde One was in a rebellious mood yesterday. We were preparing (some might call if faffing) for a walk, and she quite clearly told me that she wasn’t going to wear her pants. I was shocked, firstly because as far as I know, Blonde One always wears pants; and secondly because we usually agree about everything.

Fortunately for Blonde-Relations the rebellious streak was short lived, and in almost the next sentence Blonde One said, “But I will go out in the buff.”

So, through a bit of Blonde telepathy, the situation was understood and we both put our pants in our pockets (which apparently is bad), and set off. I feel obliged to add here that we were not in the buff to start with; but definitely were later on.

I probably should explain all of this to you; although it would be much more fun to leave you hanging (you boys would be if you refused to wear your pants!) Blonde One and I were out on Dartmoor testing our latest review gear; Thunderpants and Buffs. Designed to keep both our necks and our bits cosy, it was a unique and very Blonde combination. The whole thing eventually became too much for me and I ended up wearing my pants like a Buff!Thunderpants on Head