By: Blonde Two

As you might have gathered – there has been lots of cold and wet stuff falling from the skies over Dartmoor recently and I gather that some of it is still there.  The Two Blondes are, by the time you read this, already on their way up to the moors (no, it wasn’t our idea to go so early).  We will do a thorough investigation and let you know our findings later (or tomorrow depending on how long our fingers take to thaw out).

Thanks to the wonderful Met Office, and this even more wonderful video from beautiful Dartmoor (poor chap looks cold), I have been able to do a bit of research and have found out some complicated sounding stuff about icy things falling from the sky.  The Met Office man explains it very well but I thought you Blonde fans might find it useful if I translated it into Blondish for you.

Ice Fact One:  Snow, sleet and hail are all very cold – wear your thermals!

Ice Fact Two:  Snowflakes start off as a grain of dirt or sand – wear your jacket!

Ice Fact Three:  Wet snowflakes are more sociable than dry snowflakes – wear your hat!

Ice Fact Four:  Sleet is not snow – wear your waterproof trousers!

Ice Fact Five:  Hail goes up before it comes down – run for cover!

As it seems unlikely that my translation has given you anything useful to take away, might I recommend that you have a look at the video linked above.  It really is very good – but probably completely irrelevant to the Two Blondes because, as we all know – it only ever rains when we go for a walk!