By: Blonde Two

ShadowsDid you know that you can now apply to do an apprenticeship in “British Intelligence”.  We have already established that Blonde One is probably a spy but although the career seems interesting, (she won’t tell me anything about it) I don’t think I am going to apply.

The main reason for this is that we don’t seem to be doing a very good job of keeping our secret identity, well, secret.  When we started the blog, it seemed sensible for a variety of reasons not to publish our true identities.  As time has gone on, it has made the whole thing seem much more fun and adventurous.  I guess we never really grew up.

Our recent adventures with the lovely chaps from Dartmoor Rescue have led to a possible security breach.  I needed to return some vital equipment and the easiest way to do it was via a mutual acquaintance.  It is amazing how many people know each other down here in Devon.  Everywhere else has six degrees of separation, I think it must be three once you access the Dartmoor community.   I understand that the middle man has been sworn to secrecy but who knows when a double agent might be in the mix?

Our other security issue has arisen from our zealous recommendation of the wonderful Fox Tor Cafe in Princetown.  If you are a regular reader, you will know that the Two Blondes have a favourite table (The Position of Power), a favourite breakfast (The Two Blondes Bap)  and a favourite view (Lycra).  When we manage to get up there (sadly recently not often enough) we spend as long as possible eating baps, drinking coffee, planning routes etc.  It would appear though, that we have been identified by the staff there who are clearly a vigilant bunch and much better spies than us.  They now claim to know our secrets and I think might be about to hold us to ransom.

If you pop into Fox Tor Cafe (you definitely should), be very careful about what secrets you tell.  I suspect that with its constant traffic of boot or lycra clad strangers, it is the perfect rural hub for MI5 (who are currently recruiting).  That chap in the corner with the delicious looking chocolate biscuit cake and mug of hot chocolate is waiting for his next instructions to come from M via a muddy dog with a pink collar.

Oh and while you are there, could you mention that we would love to see the Two Blondes Bap officially on the menu – (mushroom, fried egg and bacon) – the perfect walking breakfast.  I understand that they are currently “thinking about it”.