By: Blonde One

It has recently been suggested by a very good friend that I might actually be a spy! My very good friend, Blonde Two, recently asked me if that was possible and suggested that I would make a very good one! These comments have got me thinking and the evidence does seem to be mounting in favour of me being a spy. If anyone would know whether I am a spy or not, it would probably be Blonde Two as I tell her most things. But does that actually mean that we are both spies?

Here is the evidence:

1. I like poems and Wordsworth was arrested for spying as he wandered around the countryside looking for poetic inspiration.

2. I like to wear disguises. I have been known to ‘go undercover’ as Harry Potter, the White Rabbit and one of the members of Abba (amongst other disguises).

3. I like to walk at night. Coleridge and Shelley liked to walk the South West Coast Path during the night and were accused of being French spies.

4. I have a long black coat. It’s a commonly known fact that spies must have a long, swishy coat which has a secret camera in one of the buttons, a secret pocket which contains foreign currency and a mini weapon sewn into the hem.

5. I have an acquaintance who has a job in Defence at Whitehall. I like to refer to him as a spy.

6. I have a secret life: how many of you readers actually know my real identity?!

7. As Blonde Two will tell you, I am VERY good at keeping secrets.

I think you will agree, the evidence is indisputable – I clearly am a spy! I am so good at it, that even I didn’t know!