By: Blonde One


You’ve heard the old phrase ‘if you want something done, ask a busy person’. Well, this week I’ve realised that I’ve been friends with someone who has probably managed to be busier than the Two Blondes. Miss Helpful was mentioned on a blog back in the summer when she helped with all things relating to a Bronze DofE expedition. She has always been quite efficient but I didn’t quite notice how much until just a few days before Christmas. She decided to get married to Mr Flip-Flop (also mentioned for his contribution to the same expedition) on the 22nd of December. This in itself makes her a busy person, but just wait for the rest …

She finished teaching on the 18th of December.

Then the whole wedding party travelled to our neighbour county Cornwall on 21st December to begin preparing and partying. The venue had the most stunning views across the valley (I think! It was a bit too misty to see for most of the time).

St Neot

Halls were decorated by Miss Helpful, family and friends. There were hearts, flowers, books, candles, lanterns, sweets and numerous other lovely touches.

Miss H and mum and friend decorated a tower of delicious homemade cupcakes.


All manner of elements of preparation were undertaken at the same time as entertaining guests (quizzes, games and songs to name a few).

After three days/two nights away she returned home to the normal Christmas madness.

If you are still sat there thinking that this isn’t really exceptional, then the last thing to tell you is that she did all of this whilst being 8 months pregnant! If there was an award for being the busiest person then Miss Helpful (now known as Mrs Flip-Flop) would certainly win.