By: Blonde Two

I was awake in the night last night trying to decide whether or not it was appropriate to mention yesterday’s tragedy at Haytor in a blog post.  In the end, it just seemed wrong to ignore it.  Dartmoor is a place that many of us love and a place where many people experience deep joy and much needed relaxation but it also has its moments of great sorrow.

As I am sure many of you did, I read the story with horror and sympathy for the families of those who died.  But what struck me immediately after that was the long list of emergency services attending.  We are very lucky to have such a high level of emergency support in this country and even luckier in Devon to have the Devon Air Ambulance and Dartmoor Rescue as back up.

The plain truth is that, because of the commitment of these men and women (there are lots of women), we know that someone will arrive to help when we need them to.  In our homes, out on the sea or in the middle of nowhere – someone will come to sort the situation out. There isn’t an easy way to explain how this feels.  When I broke my ankle mid Dartmoor a few years ago, it was a frightening, painful and potentially dangerous situation.  The sense of relief and being able to “let go” when the Air Ambulance arrived had almost physical manifestations, not just for me but for those who were helping (including Blonde One).

Since my rescue, I have a personal rule that I will never go past an Air Ambulance donation box without putting some money in.  As I rarely seem to have change, this has led to a few notes shaped donations in the past.  It will take me a long time to repay the financial cost and I can’t repay the skill and professionalism of the team but it will make a little difference.  Cafe and pub visits on Dartmoor have recently become even more expensive as since Blonde One and I have made friends with the Dartmoor Rescue chaps (and chapesses) at Ashburton, I feel obliged to put money in their box too.

Blonde One recently told my donation box story to a friend who doesn’t know me.  This lovely lady liked the idea and said that she would donate every time as well.  Feel free to join us on this quest Blondees and Blondettes – together we can give a little something back and make sure that next time someone needs to know that help is coming, they can be sure that it will be.

P.S.  A Blonde date for your diary.  Saturday 21st September – we are planning a Dartmoor Blonde Bimble to raise a bit of money for Dartmoor Rescue.  Come and meet the Two Blondes and join in the fun!