By: Blonde Two

Good morning World-of-Blonde.  Today I am waking up in a sunny Malvern.  I have left Devon before the excitement of Ten Tors week for the traditional rest cure of Malvern Hills, Malvern Water and Mum’s bacon sandwiches.

I love this time of year because you are allowed to wake up with the daylight rather than at some horrid dark-all-over time.  The sunshine is a natural alarm clock and at home, I also have Seagulls (try sleeping through those), Wood Pigeons and Great Tits (obviously) who all insist that I should not be asleep once the sun has properly risen.

My Wood Pigeon alarm clock has apparently followed me up to Malvern and is happily chatting outside.  I have just opened the curtain to let him know that I am awake (06:00) but he is still chuntering on.  Last summer when I had a sleep-out in Dad’s Cornish garden with my sisters, Youngest-Sister pointed out that the Wood Pigeons (there are apparently many in Cornwall) were having an important argument with each other.  It went something like this …

“I’m the pigeon.”, “No I’m the pigeon!”, “No, I’m the pigeon!”, No, I’m the pigeon!”….

You listen next time you hear some and you will recognise their discussion.  Be warned though, once noticed, never forgotten and I start many of my days at work with the words, “I’m the pigeon.” running around my head!