By: Blonde Two

You might remember (come on, it was only two days ago) that Wednesday morning dawned wet and drippy.

I had two early morning missions.  The first was to take Harry-the-Jack for his perambulation and the second was to go for a swim.

After deciding that there wasn’t quite enough water outside for me to swim the dog around the block, I was faced with a problematic decision regarding my outfit.  My usual “I am going swimming” attire is a swimsuit with jeans and a jumper over the top.  In order to walk the dog in the rain, I needed to add waterproof trousers and jacket.  It was far to warm to contemplate wearing that many items of clothing so I decided (in true Blonde style) to ditch the jeans and jumper and go out in the swimsuit covered only by the waterproofs.

This made sense to me at the time but, as it turned out, there were two main problems;

1.  I got half way down the street before noticing that one of the legs of my waterproof trousers was unzipped revealing my bare (and not very well groomed) leg from thigh to ankle.

2.  The rain stopped almost immediately (of course) and I completed the walk in what felt like a sauna-suit.  This of course, could be another Blonde invention for people who enjoy saunas, but don’t have time for them because they have too many dogs to walk.

It is not an outfit I will be choosing again!