By: Blonde One

This week has been quite busy for the Two Blondes (nothing unusual there) but I have found time to do a very important job. We are out again this weekend with a fantastic group of kids and adults and there were numerous jobs to be done in preparation. I prepared the aforementioned trips pack, wrote a detailed risk assessment, collected parental consent, picked up minibus keys and money for fuel, and finally reminded everyone of the pick up time. But there was one job this week that took priority over the rest: making a ‘minibus playlist’ for the iPod. This job was necessary after last week’s unsatisfactory drive home. Nothing seemed to be right in terms of music. It was either too old (for the kids), too new (for The Blondes), too slow (might have sent me to sleep which is no good when driving) or too fast (for the kids who were tired and sleepy after a hard day walking). So I decided that this problem needed resolving as a matter of great urgency! I reluctantly (!!!!) put aside all other work-related tasks in favour of this more interesting job. I am quite pleased with the result but accept that it will need some in situ adjustments as the need arises. There is a strange mix on our playlist. We have Hakuna Matata (kids request), Barbie Girl (kids request), Keane (Blonde Two request), Robbie Williams (Blonde One request) and The Script’s Hall of Fame (everyone’s request) to name but a few. I even succumbed to ‘Shut up and Drive’ at a very cheeky passengers request! Any suggestions for songs for when driving a full bus of a wide age range of passengers after a long, tiring, usually wet day would be gratefully received!