By: Blonde Two

I was talking yesterday about how good at decorating Mother Nature (Blonde) is but she is very good at other things too.  For example, keeping warm.  There are many natural fibres that are wonderful and cosy but today I thinking about one in particular – good old fashioned wool.

Let’s think about wool for a minute.  Have you ever seen a sheep shivering?  Do you see them donning hooded jackets and gloves (apart from Herdy of course who wears all sorts of things  Of course not – Mother Nature (Blonde) knew what she was doing when she dressed her sheep (unlike Bo Peep who lost hers, silly girl).

I am sure we have lovely British sheep and I have enjoyed many Shetland jumpers in my past – sometimes they were even my own, but today is the day to big up merino.  This decision came about when I undressed after my rather cold walk yesterday and I counted six items of merino origin in my attire (this could be an obsession in the making).  Indeed, if you count the undies (two) it is maybe possible that I was wearing a whole sheep.

Merino sheep seem to mostly live in New Zealand these days and I have met a few (hundred).  They originally came from Spain (don’t say this to a Kiwi).  They are very, very woolly (the sheep not the Kiwis) and look like they would be very small if you sheared them.  Their wool is fabulous, it doesn’t get too hot in the summer and keeps you toasty in the Winter.  The negative side of the story is that it doesn’t come cheap – unless you go to New Zealand where you can buy merino in any shape you would like across any price range you would like.  My most unusual items are a merino and cotton nightie (toasty but not sexy) and a merino and possum fur hat.

Icebreaker are the king of merino and are in all of the outdoor shops.  I am a big fan – although I limit myself to one Icebreaker treat a year which might explain the holes in some of my more loved items.  You could say in fact, that I, Blonde Two, am a Blonde in sheep’s clothing!