By: Blonde Two

Now now gentlemen, please don’t all rush at once.  Although this post title might appear to suggest otherwise, both of the Two Blondes are happily married.  We have, however,  recently found ourselves uttering the phrase “We need a man” far too often.

You would think, that being Blonde, reasonably fit and both having our own teeth would mean that we had no problems in that direction but, you see, we have to be really picky and not just any man will do.

Are we looking for a man who is fit (in all senses of the word) and rugged and loves the outdoors?  Well, such a fella would be great to look at but he would not necessarily fit the bill.

Are we looking for a man who is strong enough to carry our rucksacks and gentlemanly enough to help us across rivers?  Well, these things are always welcome, but no, that is not our most pressing need.

Are we looking for a man who will entertain us on our journeys, providing witty comment and extrovert repartee?  Well again, that is a great asset but we do manage to have a lot of fun and silliness all on our own.

Should this man for whom we are searching, be extra well equipped (steady!) with the best camping gear, outdoor clothing and gadgets?  Not necessarily although if he could have his own tent and know how to put it up (the tent!) it would be nice.

No, Blondees and Blondettes, strange as it may seem, all the Two Blondes need is a man with the right pieces of paper.  This sounds simple but it can get a bit complicated when you are working with different aged youngsters, of different genders, on different programs, in different terrain and at different times of day.

Quite rightly, there are lots of safety rules in place to cover working outside with kids – walking, camping, cooking, route choice, driving and nose wiping to name a few (ok, I admit that I made the last one up but medicine giving would be one).  Can I just repeat here, that I welcome the rules as they provide a structure which allows us to work as safely as possible.

The whole thing can become quite difficult when you are both female (or male).  You can learn to camp, learn to cook safely and train to lead people in wild terrain – you can even learn to fill in the right forms, but you can’t change your gender.  Well, I don’t think that either of us is prepared to make that sacrifice just yet!  Mixed groups means mixed adults (this is right and proper too).

Which is why we so often find ourselves looking for a man – just a couple of pieces of paper and a tent, you would think it would be easy.  Two Blondes looking for a man. Maybe an offer of free Jelly Babies would help?!?