By: Blonde One

Every teacher will tell you that this career is a hugely varied and interesting one. Literally no two days are the same! I have been teaching for 13 years I can honestly say that I have never once been bored or could accuse one day of being predictable. You never quite know what your ‘audience’ will be like or how they will respond to the challenges of the school day. Combine this with the fact that I am now in (in my opinion) the best school ever, things are getting more and more varied by the day.  Since being at Trinity I have learned about ‘shirt sleeve order‘ and other vocabulary, I have participated in a tug of war, and have dressed in the traditional Bavarian dirndl, to name but of few of the ‘firsts’!

What happened last week though really beat everything! I spent the afternoon wandering around Teignmouth town and seafront with the Headmaster … dressed as The Gruffalo!! Our Prep school had an open morning where The Gruffalo would be visiting and it needed some publicity flyers giving out amongst the people of Teignmouth. I was happy to volunteer for the job. It’s hard to encourage my students to grab opportunities when they are offered if I don’t practice what I preach!


I had a fantastic afternoon and enjoyed being the Gruffalo much more than I would ever have imagined. It seems to me that being the Gruffalo is just one more way to encourage people to #GetOutside. It does make me wonder though … what next for my career! I can’t wait!