By: Blonde Two

Took hubby out for a night nav session last night.  New experience for him, much needed practice for me.

We hit the first two targets spot on but, to be fair, I had found them in the dark before and they were great big tors.  The third tor was obviously one of those that puts itself neatly away at night because I couldn’t find it anywhere.  A quick view of our tracking later showed that I had navigated off the wrong end of Tor Two and was about 100m off.  Lesson learnt I hope, but everything after that was a bit dodgy although I did find a missing wall after a bit of searching.  We were never lost, just not quite where we were supposed to be.  Both back to the car park safely in time for the stars to emerge and dazzle us for a brief moment.  A strange way to spend a Sunday evening but who wants to be normal?