By: Blonde Two

All of the best of life’s occupations require kit. I have walking kit (you know about this), kayaking kit (this is sadly neglected), posh girl kit (almost as neglected as the kayaking kit) and farm kit.

My farm kit lives in New Zealand here at Norm’s farm. It has consisted of a grubby old t-shirt, a pair of holy leggings (they are actually holey, but imagine a world where  sacred lycra was possible), a borrowed wool shirt and some borrowed gum boots (‘wellies’ proved too confusing for the citizens of New Zealand’s capital).

That is … my farm consisted of the above until now. Now I have new farm kit, it is exciting, it is avant-garde, it is pink!

Let me explain; we went shopping to the farm shop (shortly after visiting the cheap merino shop, and just before eating sushi) with the idea that I needed some overalls for farm work. I wasn’t too sure that I did; that is until, amongst all of the work-a-day blue overalls, I spotted two sets of bright pink ones. They were hanging there, shimmering with a radiant lustre, as though the heavens themselves had opened, and poured forth utility-wear for angels.Pink Overalls

We obviously had to buy them and, like all manna from heaven, on return to the farm, they fitted perfectly. It was raining, so I sat about the house in them for a while; eating kiwi fruit and taking great pleasure in wiping my fingers on my outfit. Overalls, even those sent from the firmament, should always be that little bit dirty!