By: Blonde Two

Over the weekend, I have to confess to very little walking.  Like a good Blonde, I spotted a “must go to” monument on the brant (Yorkshire word) hill as we drove into Todmordon (pronounced Tod) but like a bad Blonde, I completely failed to muster the persuasion skills necessary to get my family to brave the wind and rain to do the deed. As it turns out, my family were right, we had a perfectly pleasant time mooching (the shopping equivalent of bimbling) around nearby Hebden Bridge plus a wee bimblet along the Rochdale Canal (the towpath, not actually in the canal – I haven’t passed my miracle exams yet).

The canal tow path was a pleasant place to be on a fairly middling Sunday afternoon.  Six-Foot-Blonde voiced his wish to live on a canal boat and I quite liked the idea of visiting him there until it occurred to me that you don’t see many six foot tall canal boats.  He has a lovely new kayaking helmet so maybe if he wore that all of the time, he wouldn’t feel it if he banged his head.  Tow paths worry me a bit as there is always the potential of an unplanned swim – there is a lovely one that you can cycle along from Exeter Quays and I did manage to fall off a bike there once although, thankfully, not into the canal.

My favourite thing along the canal was not the pub although a Sunday roast is always pleasant.  No, my favourite thing was the evidence of the “Incredible Edible” project.  Incredible Edible aims to get as much food growing locally as possible.  They have been working with all of the local schools and many of Todmordon’s public flower beds are planted up with edibles which anyone is invited to pick and eat.  There are several such beds along the section of the canal near to Tod and Six-Foot helped himself to a rather tasty looking radish as we made our way back from the pub.