By: Blonde Two

You know that holiday thing when you come home with a newly purchased piece of clothing that looks completely and utterly right on the beach, in the jungle or up a mountain … until that sinking moment when you get it back out of your suitcase at home and realise that you are the only person within 30 miles who has anything vaguely like it?

Well, I haven’t done that for years but this holiday may I think, have broken that record. Whilst exploring the sports shops of Innsbruck on the way home (nearly there, Calais today), I accidentally bought a bright (very bright) blue down jacket with a bright (very bright) red lining.  I promise you that it is a thing of beauty and much more toned down than the yellow, purple or pink (ouch!) ones that I also tried on.  It is so soft and light that it is like wearing a cuddle (I do like a cuddle) and I am thinking about framing it and only bringing it out for Boxing Day walks and maybe my birthday.

I have tried hard to imagine “Little Blue” (younger brother of “Big Orange” the sleeping bag) next to a Dartmoor tor, waiting in a muddy minibus or sitting in Foxtor Cafe, but he is just that little bit too “continental” to quite fit in.  I won’t be able to resist though, who could resist the thought of a cuddle of Dartmoor?  Soon Blonde spotting will be much easier, but bring your sunglasses, “Little Blue” really is quite bright and shiny!IMG_20140818_224820