By: Blonde One

Since I have now booked the ferry to the Isle of Man I can now officially spend hour upon hour gazing over the maps. Playing with maps is always a brilliant way to while away an hour or two and the Isle of Man maps are absolutely no exception. There is a big green ribbon running round the entirety of the island that marks the TT track. I wonder how the locals feel about the race? Are they quietly tolerant to something that disturbs their peace and quiet once a year? Are they fiercely opposed to the whole thing? Are they warmly welcoming to new faces, a bit of vibrancy and the inevitable tourism that comes with it? Can it be compared to the Ten Tors event on Dartmoor?

I have found some very interesting place names on the island. On the west coast is ‘The Cronk’ – I wonder how many ravens we will find there. Also on the west is Jurby with its RAF base (I think), prison and Government Industrial Estate. Jurby is an excellent word to say … try it. To the west of  ‘Windy Corner’ is Gob y Creggagh. Side by side are ‘The Old Reading Room’ and ‘Tinker’s Cottage’. I hope we don’t have to ask directions to Bwoaillee Losht as I have no idea how to pronounce it. But the best place by far is where we have chosen to set up our base: the Silly Moos campsite!