By: Blonde Two

Today is going to start as usual, with an (at present very chilly and quick) dip in the sea but after that (well not immediately) I am going to be jumping (climbing) onto a train and heading for London Town. London Town, as I have mentioned before, presents me with a few navigation issues.

Which is a bit of a worry because the reason I am going to London is to run a couple of International Women’s Day navigation workshops for some of the Adventure Queens ladies. Adventure Queens is a not for profit organisation which aims to encourage UK women to get out and enjoy the outdoors and, as we all know, one of the most important things to learn if you really want to get out in the wilds is how to navigate your way around them.

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I think I have the London navigation thing sorted out this time. I can find my way to Torquay train station and hopefully, from there, the train driver will know the way to Paddington Station. Once I have said hello to The Bear, I was going to take a taxi but, having spotted some green bits on the map, I  have instead planned out a walking route through Hyde Park, past the Serpentine (somewhere I would love, one day, to swim), along one edge of Green Park and then to Piccadilly Circus where (eventually) I will find the (very shiny) flagship (no actual flags expected) Arc’Teryx store and (hopefully) some Ordnance Survey comrades and my eager navigation trainees.

As well as route planning, I have done some workshop planning and each of my groups will have 25 minutes of ‘Escape From Dartmoor’ training, during which I will metaphorically dump them on Dartmoor, somewhere near the Cramber Tor trig point, on a misty night and then teach them how to find their way home.

OS Maps Copyright Ordnance Survey 2018

I am hoping that, before I need to return to Devon, someone kind will give me some ‘Escape from London’ training!

By the way… just checked today’s (Wednesday) Serpentine temperature – 2 degrees C… and I thought Torbay was cold at 7 degrees this morning (Thursday)!