By: Blonde Two

Poor old Barbie didn’t have a good time during the first half of the last decade. With decreasing sales, she got into trouble over her stick-on tattoos and discovered her body mass index was too low for menstruation, she also had a temporary break up with Ken.  Despite this, Barbie is still a popular children’s toy with gross sales of over $1000 million in 2019.

Barbie turned 50 in 2009 and is at last enjoying a range of fulfilling and rewarding careers. However, she is now so busy I sometimes wonder about her stress levels. Anyone who is a full time doctor, teacher, judge, astronaut and news anchor, would surely benefit from some time outside. To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, I undertook an investigation to find out exactly how balanced Barbie’s indoor/outdoor time was. Here’s what I found out:

  1. Barbie gets outdoor winter fun (and a nice jacket) in her roll as a polar marine biologist
  2. Barbie builds her muscles (but only very small houses) during her work as a builder
  3. Barbie enjoys surfing holidays in Malibu (or was that ‘with Malibu’?)
  4. Barbie looks after the planet as a wildlife conservationist (but possibly not a wildlife conversationalist)

I think Barbie has some way to go before she becomes a GetOutside Champion but I have to say I admire her determination (as well as her tidy hair). However, one other thing I have noticed about Barbie is that she doesn’t appear to be able to read a map or use a compass. She would be very welcome to join us on one of our summer Dartmoor navigation courses.


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