By: Blonde Two

We Blondes have been meaning to tell you about our interview (and filming) with Jessica Pearson for a long time. It isn’t a secret (although it is as exciting as a secret) and we think that you will be interested!

Jessica Pearson is a really interesting lady who loves being outside, runs her own film company (Shimnix) and has set about making a series of 4 films about her own and other women’s relationships with the outdoors. We were very chuffed to be asked by Jessica to take part in the filming for the second of her four films. After watching the first, we were even more chuffed!



The Space Outside is woman-focused and aims to encourage women to grasp the idea that adventure is all around us and to encourage them to find ways to take part in it. Jess talks about people using the words, ‘I am adventurous’ and about how, whilst these words mean something different to each person who says them, they are equally true for all of them. For Jess the very process of making The Space Outside is an adventure.

Being interviewed by Jess was like talking to a friend who understood what you were trying to say. Probably because she did. We talked about our work with young females and their responses to adventure via DofE, The Ten Tors Challenge and World Challenge, we talked about the reasons behind and lessons learnt from our ladies only navigation workshops, we talked about our own lives and how our love of the outdoors had shaped them and we talked about some of the challenges that women face in the outdoor world.

During the course of the interview we learnt a bit about being filmed, for example, we had to look in the right place (at Jess so that wasn’t difficult), we had to sit ‘at the same level’, which obviously caused some Blonde laughter, I had a bit of trouble controlling my hand-waving (can’t wait to see the results of that) and both of us discovered that we could probably talk about the outside for a very long time!

You can view the first film of The Space Outside here, I really enjoyed its peaceful approach to inspiration. Jess is a Devon lass and for those of you who live in South Devon, she will be talking at the Torquay Museum as part of their Explorer Season on November 11th.