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Where is Haytor?

Haytor has to be one of Devon’s top visitor locations. It’s on the eastern edge of Dartmoor, and really easy to get to via the A38. Follow signs for Bovey Tracey, and you’ll nearly be there. Just a longish climb up the hill. Be careful on the roads up to Haytor, there’s often ponies, cows or sheep grazing across them. That’s why we have a speed limit of 40 mph. We’d recommend slowing down even more just before you reach the Visitor Centre as this sheltered area is particularly popular with the animals.

How can I find a family walk at Haytor?

As well as Haytor Rocks themselves, there’s plenty to explore around Haytor. You might like to visit Haytor Quarry or investigate the intriguing stone tramway.

If you are walking with children, or even if you aren’t, we can really recommend the Secret Stories app. Written with humour and entertainment in mind as well as information, each Secret Stories tour leads you on a walking route then tells a story about locations along the way. You can follow your route on your mobile device so there’s no possibility of getting lost. And, whatever your age, you’ll enjoy the interesting story you’ll find at each location stop.

On the Haytor Secret Stories tour you’ll find out how Haytor Rocks were formed, meet some Dartmoor quarrymen, and investigate the leeches in Haytor Quarry. We promise you’ll finish the tour with a smile on your face, and some really interesting facts in your head! At £2.99 we think this tour’s a great bargain. It was written by a Blonde who knows the Haytor area really well, and will make you laugh, as well as help you learn more. If you do want to join the fun (and meet Burt and Bob), we recommend downloading the app and purchasing the tour before you arrive.

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Where is there parking for Haytor Rocks?

You won’t need to walk too far! There are two good sized car parks that are easy to find if you want to visit Haytor Rocks (charges apply). The first is right next to the Visitor Centre. This is really convenient if you need a convenience (the loos are here) but the higher car park (just up the hill) brings you closer to the Rocks themselves. Parking for Haytor Rocks can be popular in good weather so we recommend arriving early and considering a weekday visit. Please don’t park on Dartmoor’s narrow roads as this can stop emergency vehicles and farmers getting through. Please also avoid parking in gateways as this can prevent farmers from being able to feed their animals.

Is there a visitor centre at Haytor?

YES! The Dartmoor National Park Visitor Centre at Haytor is small but you’ll find its staff very welcoming and knowledgeable. It’s well worth stopping in as part of your trip and, if you have family with you, you might want to pick up one of three rather good Dartmoor children’s books (we wrote them!)

Are there toilets at Haytor?

YES! There are no toilets at Haytor Rock itself but the Haytor Visitor Centre toilets are next to the lower car park (just behind the Visitor Centre). If you’re planning a walk in the area, it’s worth noting that there aren’t any toilets at Houndtor or Hound Tor Rocks either. It’s always worth ‘going’ before you set off but before you get caught short, you might want to check out our handy guides on how to go to the toilet outside, and what to do with your toilet paper when you’re wild camping (or out walking).

Can you sleep in a campervan at Haytor?

Good question! Whilst you are welcome to enjoy your motorhome or campervan at Haytor during the day, there is no motorhome or campervan overnight parking allowed in any of Dartmoor’s car parks or lay-bys. This isn’t because we are all spoilsports down here, it’s because of the local by-laws. The good news is that Dartmoor motorhome sites are available on routes that (if you know how to reverse your vehicle) you will be able to fit down. You can find more information about backpack camping (wild camping), campervan camping, and motorhome camping on Dartmoor on the Dartmoor National Park Authority website. DNPA also have a really useful road guide for motorhome drivers (believe me, you don’t want to be the numpty who gets stuck, so we recommend taking a look).

What’s the weather like at Haytor?

Just like anywhere on Dartmoor, Haytor can have beautiful sunny days, and sideways rain days. We recommend the Met Office for accurate Dartmoor weather information. It’s always worth checking before you visit but Haytor can be just as interesting in the rain as it is in the sunshine. One word of warning, mists on Dartmoor can appear quickly so it’s worth bringing along a map or sticking to obvious locations if you’re visiting on a wet day.

How old is Haytor?

Older than you or me! Although there have been people living on Dartmoor for over 4,000 years now, Dartmoor’s tors are much older than that. Believe it or not, Haytor is over 280 million years old. That means it’s seen a thing or two!

Can you see the sea from Haytor?

If you climb to the top of Haytor Rocks (no handrails so take care), you will be able to see more sea than you might expect. Look out for the scoop of Torbay and the estuary of the River Teign (which rises on Dartmoor) at Teignmouth. We recommend taking your binoculars because this is a view to be recommended!

Where is Haytor Quarry?

A visit to Haytor isn’t just about admiring the rocks and views. Tucked in the hillside next to Haytor Rocks you’ll find Haytor Quarry. It’s a beautiful, peaceful spot so please keep it that way. Oh yes, and we wouldn’t recommend a swim in the Haytor Quarry pools, they are full of leeches.

Are there any Dartmoor pubs with a beer garden near Haytor?

Whether you are looking for that perfect Dartmoor pub walk or just a bit thirsty after exploring Haytor, we have some good news. Haytor is a short drive or a choice of walking distances to three fabulous Dartmoor pubs. We invented beer gardens here on Dartmoor long before Covid so you’ll find plenty of space and delicious food at all three of these.

The Rock Inn, Haytor Vale, Devon, TQ13 9XP – Just a stroll down the road from the Haytor Visitor Centre car park, the beer garden’s on the opposite side of the lane to the pub.

The Old Inn, Widecombe in the Moor, Devon, TQ13 7TA – Park behind this 15th Century pub and keep an eye out for Uncle Tom Cobley of Widecombe Fair fame.

The Rugglestone Inn, Widecombe in the Moor, Devon, TQ13 7TF – Slightly more remote, and a nice stroll down the lane from Widecombe, this atmospheric Dartmoor pub makes up for it’s small interior with a large beer garden, and some innovative garden shelters.

Are there any Dartmoor pub walks near Haytor?

Even the best Dartmoor walk can be improved with the addition of a pub lunch or after-walk pint. It’s possible to include any (or indeed all) of the three pubs listed above on a Dartmoor pub walk from Haytor. You could plan your own route of course but we’ve done the hard work (but not the walking) for you, and mapped these two Haytor pub walk routes on OS Maps for you to follow.

Haytor pub walk (gentle) – the Rock Inn, Haytor Vale

Haytor pub walk (more strenuous) – the Rugglestone Inn or the Old Inn, Widecombe in the Moor

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