By: Blonde Two

I have been planning this blog post for a while. I have been pondering, on my morning walks with Harry-the-Jack, how I was going to know when Autumn had ended and Winter had begun. To help me with this seasonal conundrum, I developed a theory; for me, Winter would start when the pavements ran out of acorns to stomp.

This happened yesterday, which is convenient, because today is December 1st. Trees, it would appear, are much more organised than we give them credit for.

The weather gods, however are apparently not as organised. To accompany the start of December and the lack of pavement acorns, you would imagine a touch of frost or maybe some mist and drizzle. But yesterday, those tricksy climate deities opted for a day of early Spring weather. Down here in Devon parts, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and I dried some washing on the line. I remain seasonally confused!

Just a quick note on the subject of acorn stomping:  Mr B2 was right, the squirrels did get fed up with me squashing their fodder. Over the last few weeks I have had no less than five direct hits to the head with chewed up acorn. I think I heard giggling in the branches!