By: Blonde Two

We Blondes have been Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champions for two years now. We are very proud of this fact and have done our very best to live up to the ideal and get as many people as possible outside, either directly through navigation workshops and work with young people, or indirectly by bombarding you with blog and social media posts.

You can never really tell what your impact has been in these matters. How many people, for example, got up and went for a walk before a day at work they were dreading because they read one of our blog posts? Or how many of our youngsters are going to grow up and take their own children outside? We will never know but the answers have surely to have been better than not trying to get the message out there.

If we or any of the other OS Champions have inspired you over the last 2 years, maybe now you would like the opportunity to take up the Get Outside standard. Applications are open now! Believe us, the commitment required (although there is one) is far less than the rewards received. We were recently asked some questions about our Get Outside Champion experience and below is a summary of what I said when asked what being an Ordnance Survey Get Outside Champion means to us:

1. Since becoming Get Outside Champions, we have worked with people of all ages encouraging them into wild camping, navigation, hill walking and now outdoor swimming. We have also continued our work with young people.

2. Ordnance Survey have been great supporters of our work and we have enjoyed working with them immensely.

3. Being GetOutside Champions has extended our social media reach and our networking capacity.

4. As Champions we have worked with the BBC and several PR companies, as well as national magazines and newspapers.

5. The best thing about being part of the GetOutside campaign has been working with such an amazing group of like-minded people in the shape of our fellow Champions and the team at Ordnance Survey.

6. B2’s Mum now has a photo of both Blondes with Ben Fogle on her toilet wall!