By: Blonde One

This year I have expeditioned/holidayed on 3 different islands: the Isle of Man, the Isles of Scilly and last week the island of Tromso (Norway). Each one is very different to the others but Tromso was by far the most different.

It is the only one that gets 2 meters of snow in the winter.

It is the first one I’ve been to that has heated pavements.

Tromso has many, many mountains: all snow covered.


The wildlife here is on a larger scale. Instead of sheep wandering in the road it is moose or reindeer.


The water surrounding it is literally icy cold.


It has a network of amazing tunnels and bridges which would fascinate even the most experienced engineer. The tunnels are like mini worlds in themselves, with roundabouts and parking areas.

The differences are endless and include: whales, midnight sun, ski jumps, £12 vodka and coke, 24 hours of darkness, brown cheese served with jam … the list could go on and on …