By: Blonde Two

I don’t know if any of you are fans of Alanis Morissette – I am not sure that I am really but I have always loved the “Rain on your Wedding Day” song – probably partly because the fact that it snowed on mine was made even more ironic by the ballet shoes that I was wearing.  The song was apparently written in B minor (shouldn’t that have been Morissette Minor?)  Please don’t groan so loudly – but if you didn’t groan, read the joke again, this time more carefully.

The Two Blondes are partial to a bit of “ironic” walking and are looking forward to some more on Saturday when “ironically” the lovely Dartmoor snow will have melted and left some “ironic” mud behind.  One of us will “ironically” forget her hat, coat, glove or Jelly Babies just when we really need them and someone will certainly fall over in a random “ironic” bog that has appeared out of no-where.

The above paragraph may sound depressing but I am not sad at all.  Life would not be anywhere near as much fun without irony.  I feel that it is a peculiarly British phenomenon (tricky spelling) – or maybe the irony itself isn’t but rather our ability to appreciate it.  It seems likely that our love of irony stems for some part from our ridiculous, completely unpredictable weather (sorry Mother Nature but it just goes to show that no-one gets it right all of the time).

“It’s like rain on your Dartmoor day.

It’s the deep deep hole, right in your way.

It’s the weather advice, that you just didn’t take

Well who would’ve thought – it figures.”