By: Blonde Two

Jelly Drizzlecombe

Dear Blondees and Blondettes – thank you so much to all of you who have taken part in our Easter Jelly Baby event so far.  We have quite a few pictures of excitable Jelly Baby behaviour up on the site.  I hope that you have had as much fun as we have (Blonde One and I spent a fair proportion of yesterday afternoon rolling around on Dartmoor convulsed in laughter.  There is plenty more weekend left for Jelly Adventures so keep the pictures on our “Where’s Your Baby” page and the donations to Dartmoor Rescue coming.

We have found out a lot about Jelly Babies in the last few days.  They can climb (climbing wall and sheer face) but they can’t swim (near tragic results in the leat but Red’s Swift Water team saved the day).  We also found out that Yellow (Bubbles) is a bit of a trouble maker.  Let me tell you the story.

Blonde One and I took the Jelly Babies for a lovely lunch at our favourite spot – Fox Tor Cafe.  The Jellies were very well behaved and insisted on donating to Dartmoor Rescue after the meal.  They had planned a route to Drizzlecombe (it didn’t drizzle for once) and were fine for the first leg of the journey.

Jelly Dartmoor Rescue Donation

The trouble started when we decided to do a photo stop at Nun’s Cross.  Orange, Red and Yellow climbed up to the top of the cross and posed for a picture.  When I was sorting the camera out though, naughty yellow decided that it would be funny to jump off the cross and hide.  We looked everywhere for him but couldn’t see him.  We considered calling out Dartmoor Rescue but decided that Yellow was being his usual silly self and had had enough navigation training to find his own way back to Princetown.Jelly Nun's Cross

A couple of kilometres later, we stopped for another photo shoot at a cist (burial chamber) near to Higher Hartor Tor.  When Blonde One went to get her camera out of her bag, we discovered that lazy Yellow had hopped into the bag for a free ride.  If you happened to be out on Dartmoor yesterday and you saw two grown women rolling around the grass with tears of laughter streaming down their faces, that would have been us.Jelly Yellow Hiding

Needless to say, once we had recovered our equilibrium (do Blondes even have that), we gave Yellow an appropriate dressing down for his lack of commitment to a team event and made him walk with us for the rest of the outing.  He struggled to keep up but we didn’t show a lot of sympathy after the worry that he had given us.  I think Yellow learnt his lesson but he may well have lost his place on our Jelly Tors team.

Jelly Yellow Catching Up

This story sounds far fetched but almost all of it is genuinely true.  We did lose Yellow and he did turn up in the camera bag.  Actors names have not been changed to protect their identities …