By: Blonde One

As you already know, I am a very cold Blonde. Every night that I camp out I get so cold that I think that I must be near hypothermia! I have spent pound after pound on better and better kit in an attempt to keep warm but all to no avail. This weekend, before bed, I was convinced by my fellow campers that I needed to purchase a down jacket (another one) and a down filled mattress. These 2 things totalled over £300 and it was decided that they would definitely do the trick since they were so expensive. I was unconvinced but tempted to give them a go. In reality I was at the point of coming to the conclusion that I would never be warm overnight ever again – even with the newest additions to my kit.

It was with great delight that I woke up on Sunday morning after my night in a tent! There were two things that caused this delight: one, that I had not died of hypothermia and I was alive enough to wake up, and the other, that since I woke up it must have meant that I was asleep: this must have meant that I was not as cold as usual! A miracle!

I did actually have a good night’s sleep. I was not cold and on a few occasions I thought I may have to remove a layer but was too cosy to be bothered to move. It was amazing.

You, I am sure, will want to know what caused this good night’s sleep. It’s very simple: we had a tent party. Now, it’s not your usual party with alcohol, loud music and dancing! We managed to squeeze 4 people into a 2 man tent thus creating a significant amount of body heat. This heat managed to warm me and my sleeping bag up so that by the time I got into it, I was already quite toasty. The party did include party food: olives, brie, crisps and chilli chocolate. We also had flashing lights: the torch flickered as the battery started to run out. That’s where the similarities end though!

All in all, it was a very successful night, and I thoroughly recommend tent parties. I will certainly be hosting one again soon. Watch out for your invitation!