By: Blonde Two

We have recently had a mixed bag of weather on Dartmoor.

When one is living out in the weather, it pays to be a bit optimistic. The favoured saying about Dartmoor, “If it isn’t raining, it will be soon.” is fairly accurate, but I prefer the more cheery, “It’s brightening up.”

One could be philosophical about this and see “It’s brightening up!” as a metaphor for life. I prefer realism, it stands to reason that if half the time it is indeed “brightening up” then the other half, it has to be “dulling down.” Nothing, after all, ever stays the same.

On day three of our Diamond Challenge expedition we saw lots of “brightening up” and “dulling down”. We careered (and I am not exaggerating here) from sipping coffee in glorious sunshine, to hiding under a tree from hail, in the space of ten minutes.

It is not often you see a weather front as clearly as the one in the image above. This one shows the bright side and the dull side quite clearly. I know which I prefer!