By: Blonde Two

I have decided that February is my least favourite month. It isn’t so much that it is winter but more that, here in Devon at least, it is so grey.

There is good news though;

For a start, March is very nearly upon us. Obviously, in March, the only colours that are allowed are yellow and green. Grey is banished and all clouds are white and fluffy with the occasional hint of silver.


Moreover (I think a Blonde discovered that word so I shall say it again). Moreover, this February, I have managed to spend quite a lot of time doing outside things. Bivvying, Ten Torsing, Dartmoor Rescuing, Welsh Mountaining; all activities that can help to drive the grey out of your head.

February can be dreary (which is probably why they made it the shortest month) but I think I am safe in saying that it is brightening up!Ali at Tree