By: Blonde One

Now don’t get me wrong I love a holiday, whether it’s a short English city break or a fortnight somewhere exotic, but I am always glad to get back to Devon! I’ve just returned tonight and got the same sense of homecoming that I always get when I see the ‘Devon’ sign on the M5.

Whilst I was away this time I looked forward to investigating some outdoor shops that I knew were there waiting for me. There were 4 to choose from and I was very surprised at how different they were to Devon outdoor shops! These shops (in the South East of England), despite being national shops, were filled with a whole host of stuff that would not be found in their Devon counterparts. They were full of ski stuff! In not one of these shops did I find one trace of walking paraphernalia! What a shock! Do the people in the South East not go for walks? I know they don’t have the luxury of Dartmoor but nonetheless they do have beautiful countryside around them. How do they kit themselves out with walking poles, gaiters or compasses?

I appreciate the wonder of Kountry Kit in Tavistock more than ever now!