By: Blonde Two

Here’s a strange thing, usually when I ascend Dartmoor’s heights from the balmy seaside that is Torbay I notice a distinct drop in temperature.

I am not talking about my mood here, there is very little on Dartmoor that can make this Blonde grumpy. No, I am talking about the actual air temperature. Usually the ‘higher is colder’ rule works very well on Dartmoor. You can see it in people’s faces as they step out of their cars.

On Friday however, I had the fun job of delivering some of our books to Widecombe and (as this usually involves me stopping several times to take in views) I had plenty of opportunity to sample the ambient temperature… and it was warm!


That is, it was a lot warmer than the poor old shivery Torbay that I had left behind. The sea mist that I had seen at the beach that morning had settled in for the day, and I have to say that it looked equally lovely from up above.

All a bit odd and all quite intriguing, but what a privilege to be able to see this weather phenomenon from two such different angles!