By: Blonde Two

If you look at a map that shows only the UK’s rivers, they look like branches of tiny blood vessels spreading out across a hand. We have plenty of water here in the UK, all of which contributes to making this such a green and pleasant land. Our rivers are fascinating and make a great place to Get Outside (especially on National Get Outside Day) , here are a few facts and examples:

  • Some rivers have girl’s names (Dee, Eden and Ellen)
  • Some rivers have boy’s names (Clyde, Aeron and Dean)
  • Some rivers are very long (Severn, Towy and Tay)
  • Some rivers are home to salmon and have animal-like names (Camel, Usk and Crake)
  • Some rivers are host to long distance swimming events (Wye, Dart and Spey)
  • Some rivers have beautiful waterfalls (Hepste, Shin and Tees)
  • Some rivers are amazing for a leafy autumn walk (Dart, Exe and Lyn)

Sadly not all river statistics are happy ones and, although the number of accidental drowning deaths in UK rivers per year is reducing (74 in 2018), it is important to remember that water can be dangerous and should be treated with respect.

We Blondes like rivers (especially Dartmoor rivers). We like walking by them, finding their source and swimming in them (but perhaps not crossing them on stepping stones). It is therefore fairly likely that our Get Outside Day will have at least one river in it. On the day, we will be out and about in orange for Team South and would love to say, ‘Hello’ and hear all about your Get Outside Day adventures. Join us and the nation outside on Sunday 29th September for National Get Outside Day

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