By: Blonde Two

Women’s Walking Trousers

Since our appearance on ITV’s Britain’s Favourite Walks: Top 100 (I may have already mentioned the show) we Blondes have found ourselves rather in the limelight. Our following has grown and we have been asked all sorts of questions, about our navigation courses, about our wild camping fun (next training weekend August 25th and 26th) and about my bottom! So much so that I think we should start a women’s walking trousers discussion.

I have previously mentioned ‘The Bottom’ (so big it needs capital letters) in Two Blondes Walking blog posts,

In my family, the (insert maiden name) Bottom is a well-loved, intergenerational phenomenon and I have received much praise from my sisters for mentioning it on ITV’s Britain’s Favourite Walks: Top 100,

‘You said ‘bottom’ on national TV! Nice work, very proud of the sis and the bottom!’

‘… and you advertised the (insert maiden name) Bottom as a useful and innovative item to take with you on a ramble!’

However, it is maybe the comments from the public that have taken me by surprise. They have been from ladies who are also of womanly proportions in the rear department and are struggling finding women’s walking trousers to fit. I sympathise entirely with their cause and have, in previous years, had some interesting conversations with outdoor retailers on the subject of outdoor gear for larger women, in particular women’s walking trousers.

Not only has ‘The Bottom’ now appeared on prime time TV, it has generated some discussion. It would, I guess, have been great to have received comments about my lovely hair, my fresh outdoor complexion or my laughing smile… but I have lived with ‘The Bottom’ for 50 years now (we grow them young in our family) and it was nice to see it finally getting the recognition it deserves!

Outdoor retailers, if you are reading feel free to respond!


Navigation Courses and Wild Camping Weekends

If you would like to meet the Two Blondes and learn some useful and entertaining map and compass navigation skills, take a look at our Navigation Workshops page and find a date to suit. We specialise in ladies only navigation training but also do mixed courses including,

  • Beginners’ navigation
  • Improvers’ navigation (intermediate)
  • Night navigation
  • Wild Camping

Email us for more information or if you would like us to set up a bespoke walk or navigation session for you.

We are also offering a guided walk to visit Dartmoor’s much-loved Bowerman’s Nose, the subject of our ITV 100 Walks walk on Saturday February 24th 2018. Open to all ages, you might even get a story reading too as Bowerman is the subject of our children’s book, ‘The Non-Story of Ignatius Bowerman‘.