By: Blonde Two

Blonde One and I overheard these words a while ago and wondered if there was anyone who had actually visited everywhere on Dartmoor. The conversation very quickly became very Blonde as we debated whether or not visiting each square mile of Dartmoor (as in the Dartmoor 365 book) would be enough to qualify as ‘everywhere’ or whether a stop at each metre square would be required. We couldn’t agree on this so we decided to make our own list of places (with events). Let’s call it the Blonde Dartmoor 10 (there are many more!)


Have you ever been involved in a helicopter rescue near Redlake on Dartmoor?

Have you ever had to deal with a panicking friend in the middle of a set of Dartmoor stepping stones?

Have you ever got stuck, in the dark, in shoulder high gorse on Dartmoor?

Have you ever had your breakfast stolen by a fox on Dartmoor?

Have you ever been chased into a pool by horse flies on Dartmoor?

Have you ever slept in a hole with a camera crew on Dartmoor?

Have you ever spent the night at Bleak House on Dartmoor?

Do you know where the mysterious logging truck always breaks down on Dartmoor?

Have you ever worn your underwear on your head near Bellever Tor on Dartmoor?

Have you ever been stabbed by the knife wielding brother of your best friend at grid reference 666 666 on Dartmoor?


I would like to add here that, although all of the other occurrences did actually happen, the last one was a mock murder as part of a Dartmoor Rescue casualty scenario… no Blondes were harmed in the making of this blog post… well apart from the one in the helicopter but she got better quite quickly!


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